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Parent Consultations

Parent / Carer Consultation Sessions


Our door is always open to parents, carers and their families at any time of the year and you are always welcome to come in and speak to us. You are also welcome to come and discuss your child’s progress and to look at some of the activities they have been doing which are recorded in their learning journeys.


We offer the following parent / carer consultation sessions three times a year.

First when your child starts we will have a consultation meeting after about six weeks to let you know how your child is settling.


Then in the following term we offer individual parent consultation sessions to all parents to discuss your child’s progress.

In the third term we provide you with a written report of your child’s progress and invite you to discuss this should you wish to.


If your child is aged two then this will be the statutory progress check for two year olds which will happen usually in the term before they are aged three when we have got to know your child more fully.

We are very aware that early identification is key to supporting all children to make good progress therefore we do not wait for a parent / carer consultation sessions before we discuss any concerns we may have about your child.